Paraguay: Opening the Pauline Year “in grace and peace”
The FSP community of Asuncion has planned different initiatives to celebrate the opening of the Pauline Year in the spirit of “grace and peace” that characterized the ministry of the Apostle Paul so that the People of God might live in Christ the Master Way, Truth and Life.
June 2008 – In the book center and during the “Asuncion 2008 Book Fair,” our sisters focused attention on their “book of the month,” Sulle orme di Paolo (In the Footsteps of Paul).
28 June – Eucharistic Celebration in Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, presided over by Archbishop Pastor Cuquejo and broadcast on both radio and TV.
29 June – Eucharistic Celebration in the Cathedral, once again presided over by Archbishop Pastor Cuquejo. There was a large turn-out for this grace-filled event, which was enhanced by a suggestive atmosphere: the characteristics of the hymn for the Pauline Year, a large picture of St. Paul (on loan from our book center), and the logo of the Pauline Family especially prepared for this bimillennium celebration.
30 June – A beautiful thanksgiving celebration with the community’s lay co-workers, who share with us the grace of the Pauline mission.

Pauline Missionary Week
On 17 September, the FSPs visited Asuncion de Escalada boarding school, where stu-dents showed a lively interest in getting to know St. Paul. They were especially interested in the Apostle’s conversion and his missionary trips. That evening our sisters spoke about St. Paul to about 300 people gathered at the ex-seminary of Kubichecht, which is directed by Fr. Cesar Villagra.
 The following day they visited Drahquis boarding school, whose director called their conference on St. Paul “a grace of God” for the students. That evening our sisters once more held a conference on St. Paul open to the public and enriched by a book display on the Apos-tle and an exhibit of Sr. Teresa Groselj’s posters. They tell us it was wonderful to see the en-thusiastic participation of the people and their love for Paul.
 The Missionary Week concluded with a weekend retreat in the community, which three young women also attended.

The Paulines Go to St. Peter’s
 From 30 August–7 September, the FSPs held a “St. Paul Mission” in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in the town of San Pedro. The pastor invited them to carry out this initi-ative as part of his program to launch the Pauline Year and help his parishioners get to better know the Apostle of the Gentiles. Our sisters drew the themes of their conferences from the Letters of St. Paul, enriching them with a display of the icons of Sr. Teresa Groselj.
 Each day, for five days, they held conferences for adults, teens and children at differ-ent times of the day and rejoiced at the excellent turn-out of enthusiastic parishioners. They also visited one of the neighborhoods with a group of local missionaries, where they met many young people and introduced them to our publications. During the mission, they also broadcast a radio program.
 Our sisters tell us that this beautiful experience showed not only them but also the people they evangelized that, through the Holy Spirit, St. Paul continues to proclaim the Good News of the crucified and risen Lord.

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