Selangor – A Rousing Musical To End the Pauline Year
Viewers from various parishes in Selangor were treated to a rousing musical presentation of the life of St. Paul held in the Church of Divine Mercy on 27 and 28 June 2009. The musical was produced by the Daughters of St Paul and the Association of Pauline Cooperators, in collaboration with several local churches.
The 2-hour long dramatization of Paul’s conversion, mission to the Gentiles and martyrdom features 17 songs performed by the Catholic-Anglican choir, conducted by Steven Austin Koh. Koh, musical director Raymund Pragasam and Timothy Zarsadias in the role of Paul all received high acclaim from both audiences.
Addressing the enthusiastic crowd–made up of priests, religious and laity (including representatives of the Lutheran and Anglican Faiths)–Sr.Bibianah, local superior of the FSP community of Selangor, said she hoped the musical would make St. Paul’s message better known to everyone and more accessible to them via the medium of music. She also stressed the ecumenical nature of the collaborative effort which, she declared, reaffirmed Paul’s statement: “Many though we are, we are but one body in Christ Jesus.”

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