Apostolic Initiatives Celebrating the Launch of the Pauline Year
24 June 2008 – With the help of several Pauline collaborators, the FSPs of our Capri community organized and held a presentation of the book, Pauline Writings and Catholic Letters by Carlos Castillo Osorio, held in the St. Paul the Apostle Vicariate of the Archdiocese of Mexico City. Many of the 160 priests, religious and laity who turned out for the presentation said how happy they were to participate in the event and expressed their profound gratitude and esteem for the Pauline apostolate in the field of communications.
Guest speakers for the occasion were the author, Carlos Castillo Osorio, who offered the audience a short but very appealing presentation of the book’s content, the fruit of his research and experiences as a professor at the Pontifical University of Mexico City and La Salle University, and Dr. Carlos Zesati, m.sp.s., who underscored several pastoral applications of this “manual,” to the great interest of the audience.
The book presentation was followed by a solemn Eucharistic Celebration opening the Pauline Year. The cele-brant urged everyone to live in a spirit of faith and to imitate the Apostle Paul in fostering the evangelizing mission of the Church.
Other activities planned for the Pauline Year
– In July-August 2008, an FSP will help to guide a course organized by CEFALAE, a project promoted by the Archdiocese of Mexico City to form lay pastoral leaders so as to ensure the future of the Church through their witness. Dean/Rector Fr. Oswaldo Fernando wanted the Daughters of St. Paul in particular to participate in this project because he sees the Pauline Year as an important moment for disseminating material for the forma-tion of the laity.
– In the light of the Pauline Year, our sisters have also decided to participate in FILGUA (Guatemala’s International Book Fair), which will be held from 26 July to 3 August. Like Paul, they want the Pauline mission to reach areas of Central America where we are not present, especially Guatemala.
Publishing Headquarters
We are co-publishing several products to accompany the reflections, prayer and pastoral work of catechists, priests, religious and the laity:
1.    Carlos Castillo Osorio, Escritos paulinos y cartas catolicas
2.    Maria Belen Sanchez Bustos, fsp, 4 Lecciones de amor (a reflection on 1 Corinthians 13)
3.    Maria Belen Sanchez Bustos, fsp, Escuchando a san Pablo
Frei Luiz Turra, Palabras sagradas de Pablo Apostol
Documentary: Pablo de Tarso al mundo
Film: San Pablo
Other material:
– 2 posters of St. Paul
– A series of 5 bookmarks with quotes from St. Paul
– 2 holy cards with a prayer to St. Paul
– 2009 desk calendar with pictures of the Apostle Paul
29 June 2008 – Solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Archbishop Rafael Romo in the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul.
Various initiatives already underway or in preparation:
–    Space in the diocesan newspaper Presencia for book reviews, articles and prayers on St. Paul and for advertising events and initiatives throughout the Pauline Year.
–    Commemorative bookmark for the Pauline Year to be offered free of charge to all book center clients.
–    Power point program on the launch of the Pauline Year, presented to the priests and reli-gious taking part in the June retreat organized by the Archdiocese.
–    A meeting with our lay co-workers to sensitize them to the importance of the Pauline Year so that they, in turn, will motivate the people who visit our book center; a meeting with the archdiocese’s social communications coordinators to let them know what prod-ucts are available for this Year.
–    A CD containing a power point program, a guide and study aids on the Pauline Year to be offered to the priests in charge of deaneries.
–    In the planning stage: 3 radio programs and several spots on St. Paul. At the moment, the sisters are producing a weekly one-hour radio program.
–    February 2009: conferences on St. Paul for priests, religious and the laity. Speaker: Fr. Rafael Beltran, ssp.
27 June 2008 – Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Bishop Herminio Vazquez to open the Pauline Year.
Attention was given to informing and motivating our co-workers about the importance of this ecclesial event and what it means for our life and mission. In the book center, we are dedicat-ing ample space to material on St. Paul and to posters bearing quotes from his writings.
Guadalajara, Jal.
15 June 2008 – On the level of the Pauline Family, we began the Year dedicated to St. Paul in the SSP Seminary with a conference on the Apostle by Fr. Tarcisio Carmona Hernandez, ssp.
29 June 2008 – Solemn opening of the Pauline Year in the Cathedral. The Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez.
30 June 2008 – Launch of the Pauline Year in the book center with a Mass celebrated by Fr. Claudio Becarelli. A significant number of FSP co-workers, friends and regular book center clients participated in the event.
Mexico City
18-25 June 2008 – Course on Communications and Evangelization in Immaculate Conception Parish.
To prepare for the Pauline Year, the members of the Province made their spiritual exercises on the theme: Like Paul, Conformed to the Image of the Son, guided by Sr. Annunciata Bestetti, fsp.

Ciudad Juarez
28 June 2008 – Solemn Eucharistic Celebration to open the Pauline Year presided over by Fr. Amadeo Ruiz in St. John Apostle and Evangelist Parish.
On the same day, the Jubilee Year was opened on the diocesan level with a Eucharistic Litur-gy presided over by Bishop Renato Ascencio in Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. At the end of the Mass, the bishop expressed his esteem, appreciation and gratitude for the mission carried out by the Daughters of St. Paul throughout the world.
29 June 2008 – The radio program Moments of Peace, which one of our sisters helps to pro-duce, focused on the opening of the Pauline Year and spoke about the Apostle Paul.
29 June 2008 – Official opening of the Pauline Year in the Archdiocese with a Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Archbishop José Guadalupe Martin Rabago in the Leon Cathedral.
Afterward, Auxiliary Bishop Juan Frausto Pallares celebrated a very well-attended Eucharistic Liturgy in St. Paul’s Parish, where our mission is enthusiastically supported by the people.
6 July 2008 – Also programmed to launch of the Pauline Year: an Hour of Adoration open to our co-workers, the Pauline Family, and all those who share in some way in the Pauline char-ism and mission or sympathize with it.

Various initiatives programmed:
August 2008: Cineforum for adults and teens in St. Paul Parish.
“Living with the Apostle Paul,” in several parishes of the Archdiocese, so as to reflect more deeply on Paul’s message, followed by a Lectio Divina on the Letters of the Apostle.
September 2008: A Bible Week to be held in different parishes will also include reflections and study of St. Paul as a disseminator of the Gospel. The book, Escritos paulinos y cartas catolicas, by Carlos Castillo Osorio will also be presented during these encounters and will be offered to various Bible schools in the city.
October 2008: to celebrate the month dedicated to mission, we are organizing an “Evangeli-zation Week” in the San José del Tanque community. The Week will focus on helping people get to better know the Apostle Paul.
November 2008: Conference on St. Paul in St. Paul Parish. Speaker: Fr. Tarcisio Carmona Hernandez, ssp. Also during this month: a meeting for religious women of the archdiocese to reflect more deeply on the teachings of the Apostle. This encounter will also be guided by Fr. Tarcisio.

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