Towards the “Sublime Knowledge” of Christ

We turn to you, our Father, St. Paul,

because we want to know the mystery of your life,

that which God has done in you.

We want to know who God is, who Jesus Christ is

who Jesus is for us.

We know that our desire

is also yours.

You lived for this.



Open our eyes

as the Lord opened yours,

so that we may understand the power of God in you

and the power of God in us,

so that we may have a part

of the sublime knowledge of Christ.

Grant us the grace to understand

what you were before your conversion,

what we were when God called us

and what we are in the light God’s call.



We turn to you, O great Apostle,

so that leaving behind what we think we know

or have already understood,

we may enter the boundless realm

which is the Word of God.

On this realm we find nourishment,

the water and manna

which sustains us on our journey,

the fire which warms and enlightens;

listening to the Word of God,

we glimpse a flash of his glory.

Grant that we too may bring your message,

which is the message of Christ,

with courage and with the freedom of word and spirit,

that we may become witnesses of your resurrection.


(From a prayer of Carlo Cardinal M. Martini)

This post is also available in: Italian

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