St. Paul among the Booksellers and Crowds
As part of their celebration of the Pauline Year, our sisters of Singapore participated from 29 May–7 June in the city’s 24th annual Book Fair, organized by the local publishers. Formally known as the World Book Fair, it is the biggest book event of the year, bringing together more than 100 local and overseas English and Chinese publishers and attracting more than 500,000 visitors each year.
Although the Book Fair is a “secular” event, our sisters see it as a great opportunity to make our Pauline presence felt among both Christians and non-Christians, in keeping with our mission to reach out to all people. This is the second time they have participated in the Fair–the first was back in 1995, when we first opened a community in Singapore.
The presence of the FSPs among the other book publishers elicited positive feedback from the crowds. A number of people passed by our booth with curious looks, some with friendly and approving smiles, and many welcomed the idea of a Catholic presence at this significant event.

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