Litany in Honor of St. Paul

Charity of the Father,                                                   save us.
Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,                                 animate us.
Communication of the Holy Spirit,                          sanctify us.
Blessed Paul,                                                                 pray for us

You who obtained the mercy of God,

You in whom the Son of God was revealed,

You who were a vessel of election for Christ,

You who were made preacher, apostle and doctor of the gentiles in truth,

You whose apostolate was confirmed by marvels and wonders,

You who were a most faithful minister of the Church,

You who gave the nations the Gospel of Christ and your very life,

You who bore the faithful in your heart and in your chains,

You who were crucified with Christ,

You in whom Christ lived and spoke,

You whom nothing could separate from the love of Christ,

You who underwent imprisonment and toil,

You who suffered wounds and dangers,

You who were taken up into heaven while still living on earth,

You who glorified your ministry,

You who awaited the crown after completing your mission,

Lamb of God, who converted the persecutor Paul, spare us.

Lamb of God, who crowned the Apostle Paul, graciously hear us.

Lamb of God, who glorified the martyr Paul, have mercy on us.


  • You are a vessel of election, St. Paul the Apostle.
  • Preacher of truth throughout the world.


Let us pray.

Lord God, you appointed Paul your apostle to preach the good news of salvation. Fill the entire world with the faith he carried to so many peoples and nations, that your Church may continue to grow. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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