1. On the level of the Pauline Family (SSP, FSP, PDDM, SJBP, IMSA, IGS, ISF)
January 2008: Eucharistic Celebration in preparation for the Pauline Year.
28 June 2008: Solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Fr. Angelo Seo, ssp.
– Power point program on St. Paul to open the Pauline Year.

2. In collaboration with the Local Church
a. The PF and the Diocese of Pusan: the PF of Pusan, in collaboration with the Diocesan Catholic Center, is organizing a “St. Paul Day” to celebrate the bi-millennium of the Apostle’s birth. The event will include various initiatives:
        – 25 June 2008: Conference in the parish of Ogdong, Ulsan on the theme: Who Is Paul? Speaker: Sr. Emma Min, fsp; 
          My Encounter with the Apostle Paul. Speaker: Fr. Maggi-orino An, ssp.
        – 26-27 June 2008: Retreat on St. Paul at the Catholic Center.
        – 20-30 June 2008: Exhibit on St. Paul in the Catholic Center Gallery.
b. The FSPs and the Diocese of Andong
        – 4 June 2008: Biblical retreat on St. Paul for senior citizens at the Nongeun House, Yecheon.
c. The FSPs and the Diocese of Gwangju
       – May 2008–June 2009: articles on St. Paul for the diocesan weekly newspaper. Themes: The Spirituality of St. Paul; St. Paul in the Media; 
         The Letters of St. Paul; Pilgrimage epi-sodes; Eucharistic Adoration with St. Paul, etc.
       – June 2008: Conferences on St. Paul at Ocidong parish every Wednesday.
       – During the Eucharistic Celebration opening the Pauline Year, four FSPs put on a liturgical performance after communion.
In preparation on the apostolic level: various books, DVDs, pictures, etc.
1. 101 Questions and Answers about Paul by Ronald D. Witherup and Sukhi Lim 
2. Novena to St. Paul, the Apostle of Love by the Daughters of St. Paul, illustrated by Sr. Teresa Groselj, fsp 
3. Paul Travels Alongside Us Today by Carlos Mesters and Subok Kim 
4. Paul of Tarsus by Taesik Park 
5. Paul! Shall we go to the ends of the earth? by Yumi Kim and Sr. Maddalena Kim (picture book for children) 
6. Notebooks for transcribing the Letters of St. Paul and the Acts of the Apostles
7. Carlo M. Martini, Jeonghwa Seo, Sunheung Hong, The Confessions of Paul
8. Carlo Cremona, Yeom Seong, St. Paul
9. Stanley B. Marrow, Sogeun Ahn, The Letters of St. Paul and His Theology
1. Paul: From Tarsus to the World by Alberto Castellani 
2. The Merciful Father – The Apostle Paul
3. Videoclip on St. Paul (available on website cum.pauline.or.kr)
Other products:
Statue of St. Paul by a Korean sculptor 
Children’s Puzzle on the Apostle Paul 
Mini-pictures on St. Paul 
Icons and paintings of St. Paul
In addition, a number of things have been produced to help people get to know St. Paul (for example: several promotional trinkets; a 36-page Novena to St. Paul to be distributed gratis; a notebook for transcribing the Letters of St. Paul and the Acts of the Apostles, etc.).
Mini-prayer cards
The Pauline Family Closes the Pauline Year Together
The Pauline Family of Korea, which sought to follow in the footsteps of St. Paul during the year dedicated in a special way to him, concluded this important event with diverse initiatives carried out in the cities and dioceses in which its members live and work.
Seoul: Solemn Eucharistic Celebration on 29 June, presided over by Fr. Ambrogio Baek. About 230 members of the Pauline Family participated in the Liturgy. In his homily, Fr. Ambrogio urged everyone to live Christ as Paul did because “you are Paul today.” The Mass was followed by a joyful family gathering for refreshments.
Diocese of Busan: On 29 June, Fr. Ignazio Hwang, ssp, celebrated a special Mass closing the Pauline Year. This was followed by a conference in which about 400 people (members of the Pauline Family and others) participated.
On 25 and 26 June, after the Eucharistic Celebration in the Catholic Church of Hwalcheon, two encounters were held on the themes: The Conversion of Paul and The Love of Paul. On 20 and 30 June, the church hosted a poster exhibit entitled, With St. Paul.
Diocese of Daegu: A solemn Eucharistic Celebration was held on 29 June at the Cursillo Center of Daegu. Members of the different Institutes of the Pauline Family participated in the Liturgy.
Diocese of Gwangju: A Eucharistic Liturgy to conclude the Pauline Year was celebrated by Bishop Andrew Choi in the city’s cathedral and attended by many of the faithful. To enrich the occasion, the Daughters of St. Paul who, during the Jubilee Year, wrote and published many books about St. Paul, held an exhibit of the original pictures that illustrate these texts.

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