Animations of the Government

Content of the Animation Project on St. Paul:
0. Paul: “Splendor of Light” (Introduction)      
1. Paul of Tarsus: “A Faultless Hebrew”      
2. The Damascus Experience: Seduced by Christ      
3. “The Gospel lives in me”: Paul, Communicator by Vocation      
4. “My strength lies in my weakness”: Paul’s Paschal Experience      
5. “The love of Christ urges us on”      
6. Paul, Inspired Writer about Love      
7. Paul and Fr. Alberione: On the Wings of Memory      
An imaginary dialogue between Fr. Giovanni Roatta and Fr. James Alberione      
The Project also includes:
– Prof. Rodolfo Papa’s explanations of several pictures of the Apostle Paul
– Itinerary for studying the Letters of St. Paul
– CD containing resource material helpful for animations (mp3 file with the voice of the Founder,
power point programs, etc.)

This post is also available in: French Italian Spanish Portuguese (Portugal)

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