Litany in Honor of St. Paul

Charity of the Father,                                                   save us. Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,                                 animate us. Communication of the Holy Spirit,                          sanctify us. Blessed Paul,                                          […]

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For Our Nation

Saint Paul, teacher of the Gentiles, watch over with love, this nation and its people. Your heart expanded so as to welcome and enfold all peoples in the loving embrace of peace. Now, from heaven, may the charity of Christ urge you to enlighten everyone […]

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To Obtain Patience

Glorious St. Paul, from a persecutor of Christianity, you became a very ardent and zealous apostle, and suffered imprisonment, scourging, stoning, shipwreck and endured persecutions of every kind, in order to make the Savior Jesus Christ known to the farthest bounds of the world. In […]

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