A Week of Preparation for the Pauline Year
Our sisters of Lagos and their co-workers organized a week of activities in St. Leo the Great Parish to help the parishioners prepare for the opening of the Pauline Year. The well-packed program, which focused on a deeper study of the themes central to the life and mission of St. Paul, was enriched by Eucharistic adorations and book exhibits.
The themes discussed were:
– St. Paul’s Conversion: “For me, life is Christ.” Speaker: Bishop John Aniagwu
– Family Life According to St. Paul. Speaker: Roslinna Adekunle (a well-known teacher)
– Poverty and Wealth According to St. Paul. Speaker: Dr. Okechukwu Ama
– Paul: Apostle of the Gentiles and Model of Proclaiming the Gospel. Speaker: Sr. Gladys Odigwe, fsp
– Paul: A Person of Prayer. Speaker: Fr. Patrick Akekpe, msp
– Paul’s Mission and Ministry. Speaker: Vice-Pastor, Fr. Mike Yeboah
During the Week, our co-workers tended the book displays, which gave privilege to material on St. Paul. On the last day of the week, our sisters and their aspirants also helped out.
29 June 2008 – After a solemn Eucharistic Liturgy to open the Pauline Year, our community opened its doors to cooperators, relatives and friends for a day of celebration. Many people attended the festivities and afterward stopped by the book center to thank our sisters for the chance to get to know St. Paul better.
During the Pauline Year, the FSPs of Lagoss plan to carry out similar animations in other parishes.

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