Celebrating the Conclusion of the Pauline Year
The Diocese of Macau will hold a grand conclusion to the Pauline Year on 28-29 June–an event in which the FSPs will also participate. A pilgrimage to 5 churches will also take place on 27 June.
In order to make the conclusion of the Pauline Year memorable on the congregation level, our sisters invited their collaborators and friends to participate in a prayer service on 20 June, followed by a fellowship meal. The encounter, which was conducted in both Chinese and English, included readings from the letters of St Paul, a powerpoint program and film clips from the DVD Paul of Tarsus.  The group also recited the Prayer to St Paul for All Nations written by our Founder. At the end of the prayer service, our sisters took the opportunity to thank their collaborators for their availability and generosity during this year.
The encounter concluded with everyone promising to continue the “community experience” they had lived during the Pauline Year.
Bi-lingual Pilgrimage To Close the Pauline Year
Great was the joy and appreciation of the 80 people who participated in the pilgrimage organized by the FSPs and the Chaplain of the Macau Cathedral to conclude the Pauline Year. The pilgrimage, which took place on 27 June, consisted of a visit to 5 local churches according to an itinerary that included times of prayer, the singing of hymns, the chance to go to confession and the Eucharistic Celebration.
One of the FSPs prepared the prayers, readings and hymns based on the material we received in the Congregation to celebrate the Pauline Year, and Fr. Domingos, the Timorese Chaplain of the Cathedral, had copies of the booklet printed in Cantonese and Portuguese, the principal languages used in Macau.
The pilgrimage was a time of great communion and sharing for the participants, who suggested than this type of initiative be organized at least once a year.
On 29 June, a solemn Mass to close the Pauline Year was celebrated in Chinese in the Cathedral, presided over by the Bishop of Macau and concelebrated by about 20 priests.

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