Our French Delegation is actively collaborating with the Local Church to prepare for the Pau-line Year and has also involved the diocesan newspapers of Lyons and Marseilles in this project through the presentation of books, CDs and various bibliographies. To underscore this important event, the FSPs are planning to hold a meeting with our Pauline collaborators in both dioceses.
Our sisters are making a great effort to sensitize the faithful to this special Year through parish book exhibits, the airing of the DVD Paul: From Tarsus to the World, and book center encounters organized to present the book 15 Days of Prayer with St. Paul by Michel Quesnel, Chancellor of the Catholic University of Lyons.
They have also prepared an article for the Pauline Year that will be posted on their website:
Calendar of Initiatives for the Pauline Year:
Collaboration avec l’Eglise locale pour la préparation de l’Année Paulinienne.
Collaboration avec le journal diocésain des deux diocèses pour présenter livres, CD, bibliographies…
Animations dans les paroisses de nos diocèses avec nos moyens: (panneaux, expositions de livres, projection DVD «Paul de Tarse au monde», bibliographies,  animations avec les jeunes…)
Editorial pour l’Année Saint Paul sur le site:
Espace Saint Paul dans nos librairies.
Production du DVD «Paul de Tarse au monde»
Conférence et animation dans les deux librairies autour du livre «PRIER 15 JOURS AVEC SAINT PAUL», de Michel Quesnel, auteur et recteur de l’Université Catholique de Lyon, édition Nouvelle Cité 2008.
Rencontre du groupe «Collaborateurs» des deux diocèses pour souligner l’ouverture de l’Année Saint Paul.

Opening the Pauline Year with Co-workers and Friends
To help everyone get to know and love the Apostle Paul and to find new co-workers for the Pauline mission: this was the purpose of the two simple but intense meetings organized by the FSPs of Lyons and Marseilles for their friends and co-workers to open the Pauline Year.
During both encounters, our sisters underscored the importance of this year for the Church and the Pauline Family. Presenting Paul as an apostle and a person of prayer who surrounded himself with many co-workers, they then drew a parallel between him and his followers and our Founder and the Pauline Cooperators today.
The encounter included the showing of a documentary on the travels of Paul, followed by a break for refreshments, during which the participants had the chance to get to know one another and exchange ideas.
The high point of both meetings was a Eucharistic Celebration, which opened and closed with the proclamation of a passage from the Letters of St. Paul by a professional performer.
Lyon. Meet St. Paul
For the celebration of “Heritage Days,” on 21 September the community of the Daughters of St. Paul in Villeurbanne organized an encounter for getting to know the Apostle Paul. The speaker was Professor Philippe Abadie from the Catholic University of Lyon. The presentation on St. Paul and his voyages was accompanied by a projection of photos of the places the Apostle of the gentiles visited. The participants showed much interest in the talk and greatly appreciated the opportunity to get to know our community and Center much better.

Marseilles – Two Exhibits to Celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul 

To celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the FSPs of Marseilles, France invited their friends, collaborators and fellow-parishioners to participate in a two-day itinerary brimming over with prayer, reflection and activities designed to help them get to know the Apostle better.
On Sunday, 25 January, Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the day’s program included songs, readings and music inspired by the Acts of the Apostles. This was followed by a viewing of the documentary, Paul: From Tarsus to the World, and then a time of prayer and reflection on the theme of the day.
On Tuesday, 27 January, a performance entitled, From Saul to Paul, was staged in our FSP book center. Afterward, about 30 guests reflected on the figure of the great Apostle as presented through poems, pictures, music and the testimonies of persons such as John Paul II, Teilhard de Chardin, Etty Ellsunn and Elizabeth of the Trinity.
Participants in the events of both days included both young adults and older people, some of whom knew one another, others who were happy to make new acquaintances, but all united by their shared love of the Apostle Paul.

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